What makes a contract enforceable?

In relation to what makes a contract enforceable, We’re often presented with situations where our clients feel that they have an enforceable agreement, but are not quite certain whether their situation meets all of the legal requirements. Whether an agreement is enforceable is a very important issue that is rarely taught at school so let me […]

When can I get out of a contract?

One of the central points of Australian law is that individuals or companies should be able to make contracts with each other with confidence that the courts will help enforce those contracts if either party defaults or fails to perform as agreed. As a result, there is no quick “get out of jail free” card […]

I’m owed money. Is it worth pursuing?

Are you owed money?  It’s a common misconception that the cost of taking legal action to recover money is so high that it’s just not worth doing. We certainly understand that no-one wants to “throw good money after bad” and end up with a legal bill on top of the money that has been lost. […]

How can I ensure my contracts are enforceable?

How can I ensure my contracts are enforceable?  The failure by one party to a contract to meet their obligations under that contract is one of the most common causes of legal disputes. As a result, here at Axia Litigation Lawyers, we are often asked by our clients what they can do to ensure their […]

I need to enforce a verbal contract. Where do I start?

We’ve previously discussed how Australian law provides for the enforcement of a contract whether it is wholly in writing, partly oral and partly in writing, or entirely a verbal contract. If you have a contract with another party who has failed to deliver goods and/or services or failed to pay for goods and/or services that […]