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Understanding Payment Claims Under the Building Industry Fairness Act  

Aug 27, 2019

Any payment claims issued after 17 December 2018 will be subject to the BIF Act. If the matter was to be considered by the Court, the changes made under BIF Act now render any document bearing the word “invoice” to be a payment claim, meaning there would likely be a different result.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy  

Aug 13, 2019

Bankruptcy and its implications are often misunderstood. Axia Litigation Lawyers debunk the myths of bankruptcy and give you the clear facts about what it means to go bankrupt and the process involved

The Litigation Process in Queensland  

Aug 6, 2019

In Queensland, the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules (UCPR), provides the rules and guidelines to be followed when engaging with the Courts. The following is a general outline of the usual process of litigation in Queensland pursuant to the UCPR.

Recovering an Unpaid Debt in Queensland  

Jul 30, 2019

Recovering unpaid debts can be difficult, especially when the party who owes the debt (the debtor) becomes hard to reach, relationships between the parties begin to sour and/or an agreement cannot be reached between the parties about what debts are due and owing.


Jul 8, 2019

Last week the Queensland Government announced that it is proposing to ban combustible cladding on all new Queensland buildings.

Top 5 ways you can reduce your legal fees  

Jul 2, 2019

When seeking legal advice and/or representation, legal fees are inevitable but how much you spend may be entirely up to you. Here are some tips on how you can control the costs and reduce your fees:

Unfair Contract Terms – Are your contract terms fair?  

Jun 10, 2019

Many business owners incorrectly assume that they can insert any terms into their contracts (or terms and conditions) and they’ll be binding. This is not the case.

Subcontractor Payment Disputes: How can I get paid on time, every time?  

Jun 3, 2019

Despite what the Queensland Government would have you believe, the answer is; you cannot. There will always be a minority of bad eggs within the industry who will try to avoid or delay payment.

Do I have to go to court to settle my disputes?  

Apr 29, 2019

Dispute resolution in the best instance will help you avoid court and litigation, but what if a resolution cannot be reached?

What Makes a Contract Enforceable?  

Apr 29, 2019

Making a contract enforceable depends on whether you meet a few certain legal requirements as outlined below.

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